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Most website providers limit you & how much you can manage.
We don't.  We want you to have control.


Then ask yourself WHERE is your MONEY GOING?

What is your website provider spending your money on?  More than likely are you haven't any control over your site. You have to ask for changes and 9 times out of 10 you have to pay to get them done in addition to your monthly fee.  I think we're missing something here!  

It seems that most website providers spend their money on commission based sales teams driving new business in rather than focusing on their existing clients and servicing them with new ideas and products.  Or maybe they're spending money on subcontractors and patching together a bunch of shareware that just can't do what you want it to do.  They'll tell you no because they can't figure it out. 

Here at CELLTUCK we spend hundreds of hours on Research and Development and continue to build and deliver new products on a regular basis.  The coolest part is our updates are ALWAYS INCLUDED.  That's because we are a development corporation. 

Your website provider has to subcontract out.  If you ask for something you are going to pay for it and they will nickel and dime you for everything.  Not ours.  We build and deliver all the coolness all the time.  BEST PART is our UPDATES ARE ALWAYS INCLUDED in your monthly service fee. 

If your website provider isn't spending money like we are, then what are they spending it on?

What we do know is it does NOT cost $300, $400, or even $500 a month to HOST your website.

For those that may not know, hosting is a place where your website lives.  Hosting of any site can vary from as little as $9.00 a month to thousands depending on the nature of the business. High dollar hosting is based on ownership and connectivity of software.  When any company offers layers of products and does it all. 

An example is our Floor Plan or Video Libraries.  They go back to 2000.  They live on our servers and are built to deliver when any of our client sites "call" for that Floor Plan or Video Library.  Same with our Manufacturer Brochures.  Our Brochure Library is automated.  Bring in a 2004 Fleetwood Bounder in on trade and your Brochure Library will publish it.  Sell it, and it's gone.  That's because we archive everything and every part of our client sites connect to the miles and mile of data we store.

Your provider...well if you're wanting a 2004 Fleetwood Bounder Brochure on your Brochure Library chances are they first have to find it and then you'll pay to have it loaded and then when you sell the unit, you'll need to let them know to pull it down.

Same with video.  Bring in that same 2004 Fleetwood Bounder in and our platform will automatically load the video to your details page.  Sell it, and it's gone.

What about your SOLD inventory?  Our system archives and hides it.  Every unit that every one of our clients sold over the past 15+ years is still living on the internet and will come up in an organic search.  Click it, and it will go to a live page marked as sold inviting the visitor to search further.  But try to search for that unit on your living website and you'll never find it.  We hide them all!

New products surface every day.  Our clients tell us and we build it.  They get it for free because it is our software and they get to choose whether they want to use it or not.

Being a client of CellTuck is kind of going to an all you can eat buffet.  So many choices.  Some right for you, others you'll pass on.  But wouldn't you rather have a choice?

So your provider is spending pennies on you a month and what are you really getting in return?  Shouldn't they be building new products and delivering them to you on a regular basis?  

Shouldn't they INCLUDE all the requests you're asking for?   We know what we are doing with our money!

We are a full circle development corporation |
 Our clients ask us for stuff and we build it.  We love watching our software grow one layer at a time.  We can because we are the authors of our software.  We own it and built it from pencil and paper to what it is today.

We never subcontract any work outEverything we do is done in house and microwave fast.  Because we employ our team, we keep costs down and roll the savings back into our clients pockets.  This allows us to release new products and they are always included.  Subcontracting out is expensive and very unpredictable.  Plus how can so many different people work on one project?  Everyone has their own style.  That is why so often our competition just can't get it right.

All work is completed by our employees here in the USA |  We built it so we know what is under the hood.  Other providers patch a bunch of stuff together and buy services or software outside the USA.  

Multi Tier Development Department |  Our Lead Developer oversees the lower tiers.  We can build anything and have never been unable to deliver.  Our Developers amaze us.  They are committed and love what they do.  Most have been with us since we first started servicing.

Fulltime Graphics Team |  We purchase hundreds of graphics every month.  We clean them up, size them, and get them ready for our clients to easily use anywhere on their sites.  We also deliver graphics on demand.  Our clients simply have to send a request and consider it done.  All our graphics are purchased and licensed.  We have thousands available for immediate use.

Fulltime Data Entry Team |  This is a never ending task.  Our team continues to maintain all floor plans and specs to insure that client sites are current.  This is done daily and in layers.  First the floor plans come in, then we load in the specs and then we rewrite the content so it is unique to our platform.  All very important steps.

Fulltime Media Team |  Our team maintains our video library which is archived back to 1999 along with all newly released videos.  In addition this team oversees our mobile software and apps available for free on any IOS or Android store.  We are approved Developers for both IOS and Android.  Look for UVSLive and UVSAdmin.  They are pretty amazing mobile apps!

On call 24/7 365 days a year |  Our customers have a direct pipeline and can contact us anytime even after hours. We understand there a times when you'll need us and we are always available.  

And then there is Hosting...Hosting like never before!

We build it all, so our Hosting isn't just hosting!  It's an ant farm of connectivity...

Our Hosting setup is so complex that there was a case study written on us!  Layers and layers of data and information that are all ready to snap into place.  We run on dozens of servers each having a role.  Servers for data, for video, for email, for inventory.  We have masters and slaves and take every measure to insure 99% uptime and microwave speed.

We archive everything and always have.  Our files go back to when we first started in 1999.  We even archive our clients SOLD inventory so the engines find them.  Millions of files all stored and ready to deliver.  

Our servers live in a climate controlled environment with 24/7 supervision.  We backup daily here in the states and once a week in our London facility.

Isn't it time to get what you are paying for?

Take a breath.  Think about what you are paying for now.  It is clear you are wasting your money.  Isn't it time to make a choice and move over?

We are leaders.  We deliver and others copy.  We are trendsetters.  We are innovators.  We are developers.

Don't settle for anything less than amazing.  give us a call today and we will have you up and running in most cases within ten business days.

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