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Most website providers limit what you can manage.
They limit you because they themselves haven't any control. They farm their stuff out. 
We built our software.  No farming means total control. 

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A VLOG hosted by Angie Cellucci.

Here at CELLTUCK we continue to educate.  Our goal is to keep all dealers in the loop regardless of whether or not they're clients.  This blog will share tips, clear any 'should we's' and continue to keep you in the loop with what's hot and whether or not it's worth your while. Angie's goal is to take every 'what about this or that' and pick it apart.  If you have a topic or product you would like us to research EMAIL ANGIE


Video Summary

Help your visitors find your inventory based on their MULTIPLE PREFERENCES!  Our NEW Multi Search Tool (Banner Search) invites you to create as many Living Preferences or Custom Searches that you choose.  Select the relevant choices for each piece of inventory and our software will make the magic happen.

Your visitor will check what they are looking for and all units that fit at least one of their choice will be included in the results.  This is an amazing update from our Banner ID search options because now your visitor isn't locked into one preference anymore!

This widget can be added to any page of your site and is limitless!

Give your visitor MULTIPLE CHOICES!

The slideshow below shows our NEW BANNER ID Widget installed right below the inventory browser search widget.  You can see how the preferences checked allow inventory supported by those preferences show.  In addition you can see that the red links below the inventory title bar show your visitor what additional preferences are included with that unit.  So their inventory results will not only deliver their preferences but also allow them to view other cool features as well!

This NEW search logic has changed our industry.  Your visitor can drill way down to what is important to them while all along it is your choice to control what preferences are available for them to search!

Preferences will only publish when they are attached to inventory so your visitor will never come up empty!

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