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A VLOG hosted by Angie Cellucci.

Here at CELLTUCK we continue to educate.  Our goal is to keep all dealers in the loop regardless of whether or not they're clients.  This blog will share tips, clear any 'should we's' and continue to keep you in the loop with what's hot and whether or not it's worth your while. Angie's goal is to take every 'what about this or that' and pick it apart.  If you have a topic or product you would like us to research EMAIL ANGIE

Customize your Unit Details Pages by MANUFACTURER or BRAND Easily!

Video Summary

The video player below is loaded with TWO VIDEOS.  On the upper left corner of the player click to select whether you want to view the MANUFACTURER video or the BRAND one.  

Click on the icon that looks like this    on the player to select from menu.

NOW you can easily customize your details pages with incentives and messaged based on your Manufacturers or even as detailed as your brands.  

Every time a visitor clicks onto one of your unit pages, they will see a different message based on that unit.  A Keystone incentive for your Keystone inventory.  Or perhaps you want your Keystone Cougar to have a deal focused on Cougars only. Your choices are easily setup.

Keep your visitors engaged with different incentives.  They will always see something fresh and exciting that your dealership is offering based on the inventory they are viewing.  

Perhaps a service message for your pre-owned inventory.  A free hitch upgrade for all your Forest River.

The possibilities are endless and this will certainly keep your visitors engaged and prompt them to contact you!


Look at the slide show on your right.  There you'll see three variations of our newest widget.  The possibilies are endless.  BUT WAIT!  We've JUST UPDATED THIS to now target BRAND pages too!

Each unit page will display a different messaged based on your choices. Keystone will have Keystone incentives, Coachmen will show Coachmen deals or coupons.

You can add graphics, content, links, and even video to this new widget.

Keep your visitors engaged.  Every time they click onto a new unit, they will get to see something different.

The first three slides show a demo Open Range unit with a default message. This default message will show on all inventory that does not have a custom manufacturer graphic assigned.  It is your safety net so all inventory is covered.

The next three slides show how you can assign a message to your pre owned inventory.  Stuff that you are not franchised to sell.  All you need to do is choose the message.  You can have a different message for each pre owned manufacturer.  

The last three slides show how you can target your inventory by manufacturer.  This means if you have any incentives that are offered either by you or the manufacturer, you can easily publish them for all to see!  Once you assign a custom graphic to a mnaufacturer that will show on every unit page for that targeted unit.

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