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Here at CELLTUCK we continue to educate.  Our goal is to keep all dealers in the loop regardless of whether or not they're clients.  This blog will share tips, clear any 'should we's' and continue to keep you in the loop with what's hot and whether or not it's worth your while. Angie's goal is to take every 'what about this or that' and pick it apart.  If you have a topic or product you would like us to research EMAIL ANGIE

Brochures | Automation at its best.

Video Summary

Brochures are HOT!  Consumers are searching all over the web to learn about the RV choices they're making.  How cool is it to now have one page on your website that runs all by itself based on your living inventory?

How much easier does it get?

Our Brochure Library Widget looks at your available, on order and sale pending inventory and publishes brochures categorized by year, manufacturer and brand.  Your visitors can easily scroll through your library and download the brochures of choice!

Set this page up one time and never touch it again!  We built it so it runs with zero maintenance.

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