AUTOMATED 360 Tours & Manufacturer YouTube Videos Like NEVER BEFORE on DESKTOP and RESPONSIVE!

AUTOMATED 360 VIRTUAL TOURS:  Since the REBIRTH of 360 Virtual Tours, the continued requests from our dealer clients to add them to their inventory continued to grow!  We knew we needed a solution and it had to be fast.  Our data entry team got to work and so did our development team and in a matter of a few days, we launched or 360 VIRTUAL TOUR AUTOMATION.  In addition, our clients now have the option to create their own 360 Tours and load them to their individual inventory.

MANUFACTURER YouTube VIDEO LIBRARIES:  Our Industry Manufacturers spend thousands of dollars creating amazing YouTube libraries featuring their product lines that are brand specific.  We understand the daily challenge and how impossible it would be to make sure these videos are always loaded and available on your inventory.  We've built automation so you'll never have to worry!  

Our clients will continue to see 360 Tours & Manufacturer YouTube videos surface every day as we finish each manufacturer.   Icons publish when either of these features are available.  

We currently have a full time data entry team loading tours.  Thank you for your patience while we continue to add to our library.  All existing inventory is scanned randomly and tours will populate when available!

We've ALSO updated our Landing Page Directories with these features.  Check them out and  VIEW DEMO FLOOR PLAN DIRECTORIES HERE! 


Our platform automatically loads Manufacturer 360 Virtual Tours & Manufacturer YouTube videos in three different places!

  • INVENTORY BROWSER:  When available, your inventory browser will automatically display a 360 Tour and YouTube Video icon(s) giving your visitors an opportunity to click and view the tour even before they open the details page.
  • DETAILS PAGE:  If they missed it, or now moved onto your inventory details page then have yet another opportunity to click the available icons and view it from there.
  • FLOOR PLAN DIRECTORY:  Our Floor Plan Directory Landing Pages have just been updated.  Now, when available the floor plan thumb nail will include a 360 Tour and YouTube Video icon(s).  This feature is awesome as it gives your visitor an opportunity to see all the floor plans for the brand as well as the tours.
Never any worries because we back pedal to make sure all your inventory will have a tour as soon as they come available with our continued automation. Our system will search your inventory and add newly loaded tours as our data entry team loads them. We are working as fast as we can and tours are added daily.

360 Virtual Tours & Manufacturer YouTube Videos on MOBILE RESPONSIVE!

A great number of your website visitors are on their mobile phones.  It was important for us to make sure that all responsive sites included them.  

Our clients get to design their responsive site based on their desktop choices.  The 360 Virtual Tour and Manufacturer YouTube Video icons will publish in various places during a mobile visit.

  • On the mobile browser, the icon(s) will publish when the tours and/or videos are available.
  • On the mobile details page, the icon(s) will publish when the tours and/or videos are available
  • On the floor plan directory landing pages the icon(s) will publish when the tours and/or videos are available
The tours and videos will open based on the size of the device and invite the mobile visitor to view easily.

Photos below left to right:  Responsive browser, responsive details pages, responsive brand directory, responsive viewing for both 360 tours and YouTube videos.  


All CellTuck clients have total control of their websites.  Our clients understand the power of mobile connectivity and can totally control what their mobile responsive publishes.  Add any widgets you like.  Move stuff around.  It's always your choice not ours.

Whatever your choices, they'll also get included on your responsive site.  That makes sense, doesn't it?  Your responsive site is a reflection of your awesome desktop choices!  Go for it and design your pages just the way you like them.

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