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Download UVSNADA from your Android or IOS store and start using UVSNADA today!  UVS is picking up the tab for this amazing's included with your monthly Level 3 or 4 Service!

To learn more about our UVS Console Digital NADA Tool, CLICK HERE!

The video below has a brief introduction from Angie Cellucci.  The actual demo segment of the video does not have any audio, it's simply a visual walk through of the application.

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  UVSNADA is a free mobile application that offers unlimited calls to NADA.  UVSNADA is an extension of our UVS Console NADA Tool.  UVSNADA is only available to all Level 3 or 4 UVS Website clients.  Unauthorized use of UVSNADA by any UVS Website client will result in immediate termination of the service.  If you need to update your Dealer ID# due to personnel changes or unauthorized use, please contact our corporate office immediately and we will reassign a new code.  UVS Junction readily updates all mobile Dealer ID#'s on a quarterly basis. 

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