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Most website providers limit you & how much you can manage.
We don't.  We want you to have control.

Website & Marketing Solutions for Dealers

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We're giving you way too much bang for the buck!

Our website service is the most affordable in the industry.  No surprises, ever.  We offer three affordable packages.  Three ways to pay, with unmatched service.

$7140 LOCKS you into our highest discounted monthly of $249.00.  It includes our one-time license fee of $895.  When your site goes live, we'll start billing you $249 a month. 

$1390 LOCKS gets you started with our month to month service.  It includes our one-time license fee of $895.  On the second month, we'll start billing you $495.  All updates are gladly completed by request. 

$1695 gets you started with our Total Maintenance month to month service.  That covers the first month of service and our one-time license fee of $895.  On the second month, we'll start billing you $795.00.  This is a great choice for those that don't have a full time team member dedicated to website management.  We'll change out your graphics seasonally and manage your content.  Your site will always be fresh and seasonal!

We tend to spoil our clients.  Can we spoil you too? 

CellTuck Website PLATINUM Service

All Plans offer unmatched service! Your Monthly Fee Buys IT ALL

As a CellTuck Website Client, you get it all!  We will never up-charge you for any services listed below because we BUILT IT ALL.

  • Easy to use Homepage Grid Builder giving you 100% control of your site
  • Access and Edit CSS easily
  • Unlimited Website Users (You control privileges)
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Unlimited Micro Sites
  • Inventory Management
  • Floor Plan Directories  *
  • Automated Stock Photos  *
  • Automated Floor Plans  *
  • Automated Videos.  Our library goes back to 2000 so even your used inventory will have video! *
  • Automated Supplemental Data *
  • Define and Target Search Capabilities with One Click Logic. (Search Bunk House, Rear Kitchen, etc.)
  • Virtual Inventory with One Click Logic by Year *
  • Landing Page Builder *
  • RV Builder *
  • Flyer Builder
  • Video Email on Demand
  • Multiple Pricing Options with click back hot links to your site via HTML email Delivery
  • Pricing by Zip Code (control your pricing based on your visitors zip code)
  • Special Internet Pricing email Delivery
  • Collect Deposits and offer Buy it Now from your site 
  • Unlimited Video including our playlist archives from 2004 *
  • Video Upload Management Tool
  • Watermark (Photo) Management
  • Freight Delivery Management Tool 
  • Inventory Trash Recovery
  • Clone Inventory
  • Feature Targeted Inventory
  • Create Inventory Specials
  • Hide Inventory
  • Rental Platform with Dynamic Tracking and Scheduling Tools
  • Create Options with Real Time Pricing update (when option is selected)
  • Watch List Dashboard and Management Tool 
  • Automated QR Codes 
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Email Notifications (You control delivery by team member and department)
  • PDF Email Delivery on Demand
  • Information Look-up Tool (Search any Manufacturer, Brand and Floor Plan in the industry for comparison while speaking with prospect) *
  • eBay Connectivity
  • Facebook Connectivity with Daily Automated Inventory Updates.
  • Third Party Classified Courtesy Daily Inventory Push 
  • Mobile Application with Zero Maintenance
  • Blog
  • Event Calendar
  • Unlimited Graphics and Banner Management
  • Automated DMS Software Feeds.
  • UVS Admin FREE!  Upload images from your mobile camera roll directly to your website.
  • UVS Live FREE!  Mobile real time inventory walk through software.  

*    This feature is limited to RV Inventory

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UVS reserves the right to deny or disable any third party inventory push.  

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