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Most website providers limit you & how much you can manage.
We don't.  We want you to have control.

For those that are mobile...

...we make it easy for them.

We are proud! Our mobile sites are 100% Google mobile-friendly

Full mobile, or fully responsive. You decide, not us. We wrote the code so you can choose.

All Consoles have Multiple Mobile Options and are up to date based on Google's new algorithm changes for April 2015! 

We are excited to share that every one of our client sites pass 100% as "awesome".

Some months ago, news surfaced of Google's new mobile updates.  As a development corporation, we immediately looked at making any changes that would need to be applied.  For us, the industry buzz of Google's mobile changes on April 21st was old news.  We were ready months ago!  The information we are sharing below will hopefully help you better understand what is happening.

Mobile devices are more widely used and Google is adjusting their search platform to give precedence to mobile-optimized websites.  Many may ask Google why?  Google wants to provide its users with the best mobile experience possible!

Many seem to focus on the "eye candy" of a mobile site rather than focusing on the function of it.  That should never be the case.  The purpose of a mobile site has always been ease of use so for us, there weren't that many changes.

It's also a great option to give your mobile visitor a choice.  There are so many devices now that have oversized screens.  Many people carry tablets as well so from their end, making a choice to toggle from mobile to full website makes it easy.  With that in mind we also have to focus on many that still have small devices so a full mobile site is a better choice for them.  Our clients get to pick a full mobile site or fully responsive site from their administrative console.  Offering a mobile site with the user option to toggle is the best choice.

Regarding the buzz about "mobile search friendly" versus "desktop search friendly", if a consumer is using their phone (Google Chrome mobile) as a search tool, how their mobile site is built has NO WEIGHT on what results.  It's when the consumer clicks onto the result that matters.  Of course Google is going to grab onto content from your primary site that is mirrored on your mobile so be sure to always write relevant inventory descriptions and content to feed the engines.  

Google is looking for very specific components: 
  • They want your text (content) to be legible and easily accessible.  Remember your visitors are viewing you on a hand held device!
  • They don't want you to sue any incompatible software.  An example would be a Flash drive slideshow or video.  It would simply be a black box on most mobile devices due to them not having Flash built in their phone or tablet.  Because UVS is big on video, it was important for us to build our mobile software to perform.  Our mobile sites know what device the visitor has in their hand.  If it is an IOS, our video will play in their friendly QuickTime player.  Android, it will play on an Android friendly player.  This method supports all users and allows for a pleasant experience.
  • They're wanting your site to constrain (responsive) in the event it's not a full mobile version.  This means whatever size the devices screen is, the site will fit perfectly without having to scroll left and right.  If you choose to NOT have a full mobile and only a responsive site it is a good idea to stay away from drop down navigation.
  • They're wanting to see your links properly spaced for easy use.  This is why having a clean mobile site is important.  Leave out the clutter!
As a development corporation, our clients have a strong presence because we wrote our code with all of this in mind.  All our client mobile traffic is registered as "true mobile traffic" because their mobile pages are living on their primary domain.  It's not a third party standalone mobile. 
What we did to make the experience better is include cool easy to use features:
  • Our mobile software easily supports multi location dealers not only with the ability to click to call the location of choice, but also marks each piece of inventory with the location.  Visitors can also navigate and shop by location.
  • We include similar inventory for a more robust search.
  • We include Google Maps with a "get directions" option.
  • We include the ability to update your "mobile about us" page on the fly.  This option can cut down the content on this page.
  • We include the ability to update your static header with seasonal art & call to action graphics.
  • Large easy to view inventory images.
  • We include manufacturer assets like Floor Plans and specs.
  • Our mobile is dynamic.  If one of our clients takes in a horse trailer on trade, the moment it is listed on their site, it's on their mobile.  It will even create a new category called Horse Trailer.  Once it's sold, it's gone from their mobile site along with the new category.
  • Our mobile site includes our eCommerce Parts Store with direct connectivity to NTP-Stag Parkway fulfillment.  The mobile store has a smart cart so if the customer begins a purchase on their device and abandons it, it will remember the cart on the dealers actual website so they can continue their purchase easily.
We are excited to share that every one of our client sites pass 100% as "awesome".

TEST your MOBILE SITE HERE!  Be sure to use your MOBILE URL's not your desktop ones to insure accurate results!  If you are a UVS client and have your MOBILE TURNED OFF and selected Fully Responsive as your primary choice, your results may vary.  All testing should be from a FULL MOBILE site.

Mobile Features like NO OTHER

We built it so we tell it what to do...

So what makes our mobile version different than the others?  First, it's part of our software so all your traffic is credited to your domain.  We know what's under the hood!  Your mobile site shouldn't be distracting.  It should be clean and easy to navigate.  Remember that not all your mobile visitors have large screens so you need to keep them in mind!

Here's a bit of the coolness...

  • You choose your default setting from Mobile or Full Responsive
  • Visitor can easily switch from Full to Mobile based on their preference
  • Control your CLICK to CALL by location.
  • Inventory identified by location.
  • Upload and swap out your header images on the fly
  • Easily add content to your About Us page
  • Search by class is real time.  Bring in a horse trailer on trade it will show on your mobile with a new category called "Horse Trailers".  Sell it and the category and inventory are gone!
  • Browser is clean and easy to navigate
  • Includes Google Map and Directions option
  • Location and Hours in one click
  • Supports video on details page
  • Includes "Similar Inventory" to invite your visitor to dig even deeper into the site
  • Locations always included and support multiple location dealerships
  • Large and easy to view images
  • Contact form saves as a mobile lead in your CRM for easy tracking
  • eCommerce clients have their store included

Many of your web visitors are on a cellular device.  We make their experience easy!

WANT MORE MOBILE STUFF? CLICK HERE  to learn about UVSAdmin, our FREE app available in your IOS and Android stores!  NOW take inventory images from your smartphone and load them right to your website from your camera roll.  We just made life a bit easier!

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