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Most website providers limit you & how much you can manage.
We don't.  We want you to have control.


They know what they want...

Give it to them!

We've profiled your customers! Targeted icons get them there FAST.

So what did we learn from our newly installed Heat Map software ?  We've learned that consumers are smart and they don't want to sift through miles of inventory to find what they want.

We're changing how navigation works and developed our NEWEST search method.  Targeted Icons!  These icons are exclusive to UVS Junction! 

Is it a bunkhouse with an outside kitchen, three slides that sleeps 6 and features rear living?  No worries, your visitors will FIND IT easily! 

We've built easy to read icons that will target inventory searches.  No worries, just select the icon and our software does the rest.  You simply need to mark your inventory appropriately.  Below is a preview and short description of each new icon now available in your console!  Did we miss something?  Let us know and we'll add it to our library!

Getting started is easy.  Simply go into your inventory edit page and drop down the secondary class option.  Select your choice.  Install the icons that match your dealership and you're done.  Want more than one category for your inventory?  No problem.  Create a Banner ID and you can select as many specialty icons as you like!  Your visitors will never miss what they're looking for!  Icons will search New and Used or can be customized to search only New or only Used. 


You're NOT Limited to ONE CHOICE. Easy one click shopping. Finally.

Bunkhouse?  Sleeps 8?  Rear Bath?  Over 10,000 Lbs?  Outside Kitchen?  Rear Living?  We made it easy for them to get there easily!

Use what we have or easily add to your own CUSTOM LIST.  We'll create the icons for you!  Be creative with your choices...think about the possibilities!  Hail Damage.  Needs love.  Hitch Included.  Designer Package.  You takes minutes to set up!

The icons below are what we start you with!  If you want more options, we'll help you build custom icons quickly.

Slides.  How many do they want?
Direct traffic to units with 2, 3, 4 or 5 slides with one click! 

Kitchen.  Consumers know what they want!
Direct them to the kitchen of their choice.

Living.  We've learned the importance!
One click will drive them there.

Bathrooms.  Here you go!
We know how important bathrooms are.  Now there's so many choices. 

Sleep.  One click will take them there!
Now your visitors can search easily based on their needs 

Weight.  Narrow it down!
From under 3,500 pounds to over 10,000 it's one click away.

Other Stuff.  We have everything covered for your visitors!
How old? 
Your visitors will love this time saver way to shop their range!

Price Range. 
These choices target your visitors right within their budget! 

There's no limit with how your visitor can shop now.

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