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Unit Countdown Widget


Our UNIT COUNTDOWN Widget is awesome because it invites you to create a sense of urgency with any inventory on any page of your website.  Installing is easy.  Drag out the callout widget, create your link title, set your countdown date and save the page.

Your visitors will see that the offer will expire soon.  When the date and time pass, the callout will show the deal as EXPIRED!

Where could you use this widget?

The COUNTDOWN WIDGET can be used ANYWHERE on the website.  You can drag only one or as many as you like to create a cool call to action environment.  

HOMEPAGE:  Drag one or more COUNTDOWN WIDGETS on your homepage to create a sense of urgency immediately when visitors hit your website.

DETAILS PAGE:  Drag one COUNTDOWN WIDGET onto your details page.  That one unit will then be on EVERY UNIT and continue to feature the countdown option.

INVENTORY LOOP:  Drag COUNTDOWN WIDGET on sidebar for continued exposure.

COUNTDOWN FEATURED UNITS:  Create a COUNTDOWN page with multiple widgets.  Create a different ending time and date for each unit.


  • Select inventory photos you want to include on countdown widget
  • Customize countdown widget title link.
  • Set month, day, year, and time countdown will expire
  • Load customized countdown image overlay graphic
  • Style countdown box color through CSS panel.

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