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Pool to Rule

The FIRST RV Marketing Network in the Industry.

Introducing RV Hit, FREE to all UVS Website Clients!

RV Hit
RV Hit...The most EFFICIENT way to get leads delivered!

Visit RV Hit and see the site in action!  The site is loaded with inventory and floor plans and has all the information visiting consumers are looking for.  Layers and layers of pages with tons of click through opportunities.  Brands are represented by RV Dealers and leads are delivered to the closest participating RV Dealer based on their location.  One dealer receives the lead.  Our monthly budget continues to soar so why not jump on board!

IMPORTANT Lead Delivery Message:  Put your pin on the map! Leads are delivered to the CLOSEST RV Dealer so claim your 50 mile radius today!  If you don't claim you territory brand specific leads will get delivered to the next closest authorized dealer. 

RV Hit is NOT locking out any RV Dealer from receiving leads, it is simply delivering leads to the closest participating RV Dealer.  RV Hit is structured to follow the same logic as your franchise region.

A Little goes a Long Way

Claim your Territory. An Industry First!

Pooled dollars drive exclusive leads to you! You're spending a little. Pool to Rule is REINVESTING THOUSANDS into the strongest digital marketing program in the INDUSTRY!

Territories are a 50 MILE RADIUS from your Dealership Location with a 100 Mile total span.
  This is the very first site with guaranteed exclusive targeted lead delivery!  Leads are NEVER SHARED!

Our site is smart.  It delivers leads based on zip code.  Display ads, keyword ads and re-marketing ads (cyber following) will flock visitors to the site.  Leads are delivered to you based on your territory narrowed down to your brands and are EXCLUSIVE to you!

How does it work?

Douglas McDonald, Lead Developer

The logic of RV Hit is amazing.  The site knows where the visitor is from.  Looks at out data base and delivers the lead to your email exclusively!  Leads are delivered within your 50 Mile Radius (100 Mile total span).  Delivery of leads is drilled down to the brand.

There has never been such a powerful marketing program that will deliver guaranteed leads to your dealership.  The territories are fair and based on your franchise.  No overlapping.  You can only claim what is rightfully yours.

RV Hit Walkthrough

Here's a peak.

View this video to see how our smart site will work to provide you with guaranteed leads!
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Get Started Today

When a territory is gone, it's gone!

Claim your Territory based on your Franchise!

Complete the Pool to Rule RV Marketing Annual Membership form below and submit your payment for $500.00.  INCLUDE the manufacturers you're franchised to sell that you want to have ownership of.  We'll confirm your brands shortly after.  You don't have to include all your manufacturers.  Just the ones you want to participate with.

Upon receipt of your Annual Membership free, we'll confirm your territory and lock out other dealers from lead delivery.  This is not a contract and monthly billing for the program will start when each manufacturer site is live.  You can cancel at any time!

Get started below by completing the form.  But submitting payment your understand the following:

Please select the manufacturers you wish to claim territory for (based on your franchised agreement).  A list of manufacturers MUST but submitted with your Annual Network Membership so this step is very important.  You are not committed to all your manufacturers, this is your choice.

  • By selecting the manufacturers below, you are confirming that you are a franchised dealer with authorized representation.  UVS will confirm brands shortly after your territory is confirmed.
  • Once the sites are live* your credit card will be billed on a recurring basis $125.00 PER MANUFACTURER (unlimited brands). 
  • By submitting this transaction you are authorizing UVS Junction to charge your card on a monthly basis per manufacturer.  First billing will commence on May 1st with the website launch. 
  • You understand that your Pool to Rule Network Annual Membership is not refundable. 
  • You can opt out of any territory at anytime by notifying UVS Junction via email as this is not a contract. 
  • Cancellation would commence the next billing cycle. 
  • There are no refunds for the current months activity due to lead delivery. 
  • In the event you opt out of any territory, your pin will be removed from the map and the territory will then be available for any dealership that falls within that territory at the close of the billing cycle.

*Your credit card will be billed on the 13th day of each calendar month $125.00 per manufacturer regardless of the number of brands your represent.  Each billing period is for the upcoming month of service.  You will receive a monthly merchant receipt indicating what manufacturers your territory covers.

Completing this form and submitting your Annual Membership dues is the first step in CLAIMING your Territory.  In the event your territory is NOT AVAILABLE, your transaction will be voided or refunded and you will be notified via email that you are not eligible for this Network. All territories are on a first come first serve basis.  No exceptions.  In the event there is a manufacturer that you represent that is not part of this list, please contact us immediately.

Once you have checked your manufacturers click the Sign Up Button below.  Submit your payment and you're on your way!

Pool to Rule is an active Florida LLC and is managed by UVS Junction LLC. 

It is a separate entity offering memberships to RV Dealers to claim their territories and participate.  Membership is annual and any territories claimed are on a first come first serve basis.  When territories become available they will be posted on Pool to Rule.

If you are aware of any RV Dealership that is misrepresenting any manufacturer or brand, please notify us immediately VIA EMAIL

Pool to Rule's inventory is controlled by participating RV Dealers and based on their membership status.

Pool to Rule is NOT an authorized RV Dealer.  Inventory posted on any Pool to Rule site is based on participating franchised RV Dealers and is representing their inventory.

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