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Our mobile is unlike any other in the industry because WE BUILT IT and because we know what's under the hood clients requests are easily met.

We all know how important your BRANDING is.  NOW, with this latest update you can easily STYLE your mobile site.  Have fun with it.  Change it seasonally, change it to reflect your branding with a few simple clicks!

  • You now have access to your MOBILE CSS STYLING.
  • NEW TEMPLATE CHOICES.  Load template and customize it!
  • Change image backgrounds
  • Create customized buttons
  • Change your font size and styling

Some of the most recent updates to our mobile platform are:

  • Now your visitors can click onto your mobile ROCK BOTTOM form and in exchange for their email receive your hidden price. We've updated the form too, and it's awesome.  
  • We've styled the ROCK BOTTOM button so it stands out. Remember, you can name the button anything you're not married to ROCK BOTTOM!
  • We've increased the size of the inventory loop text.
  • We've increased the size of the inventory unit images.
  • For MULTI LOCATION dealerships, we've now included the location name in the subject line.
  • We've improved our Trade-in Form with an option to include up to three photos with the form submission.  Prospects can select the images from their camera roll, or shoot and submit.
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