If your provider isn't developing and releasing, then where is your money going?

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Most website providers limit what you can manage.
They limit you because they themselves haven't any control. They farm their stuff out. 
We built our software.  No farming means total control. 

What we can do

Our website management platform will blow your mind.

Grid Builder | Endless Possibilities

The "Grid Builder" is our amazing unmatched software, with management features and capabilities.  The Grid controls 2 key components of your website:  layout, and styles.  This is done entirely through a drag & drop system of content modules that you can resize and edit.

Many of our modules also come with "quick customizers", options you can select to auto-style that component.

For the more advanced, we provide a module called "custom", which is essentially a blank space with a built-in HTML editor (including WYSIWYG), allowing you to create any content anywhere you want.

Finally, every module can be further customized using our integrated CSS Editor.  By naming your modules, you can access their styles and fully design them.

Let's get Started

We're not starting you out cold though. To help jump-start your new website design, we provide pre-configured layouts and fully styled design templates. These layouts can be activated at any time through your Grid Builder menu, and will give you a solid starting point that you can further customize from.  Be creative and move your widgets around.  It's addictive.

We continue to add starting layouts.  The combinations are endless.


With our new system, we imagine you are going to have a blast playing with our layout and module options. With this in mind, your new console setup includes the ability to create "backups" of your grid. Restoring from a backup only takes seconds, and ensures your website layouts and styles are always safe.  This feature also enables you to save seasonal website layouts for future use.


Widgets, lots and lots of widgets.  What's a widget?  Widgets are easy to use modules that you simply drag into your Grid Builder.  Our developers are constantly at work creating new widgets to give your site the dynamics you deserve.

Our widgets are born through our Dream Making Team.  This happens when our clients call and show us something cool they saw on the web.  We put it on our Dream Board and build it.  That's CellTuck Dream Making and that's why we are who we are today.  We've grown not through our knowledge alone but that of our amazing RV Dealer clients.

Here's just a few of our widgets...the key to your creativity made simple.

  • Brand List (by Class)
  • Class Icons
  • Custom (do anything with this widget)
  • Dealer Directions
  • Dealer Map
  • Downloads
  • Event Calendar
  • Facebook Activity
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Page
  • Featured Inventory Carousel
  • Floorplan Listing
  • Floorplan Picker & Carousel
  • Forms include:  Contact, Service, and Trade-in
  • Full Header (drag and drop header logic)
  • Image Slideshow
  • Manufacturer Logos
  • Navigation Tall
  • Navigation Wide
  • QR Code
  • Search Field
  • Search Form:  Quick
  • Specials (Inventory) Carousel
  • Subscriber Login Button
  • Testimonials
  • Twitter (Full)
  • Twitter (Like)
  • Video Player
  • News
  • Virtual Lot
  • Virtual Lot Search
  • Inventory Loop
  • Inventory Search
  • Towing Search
  • Buy it Now
  • Take Deposits Online
  • Freight Calculator
  • Payment Calculator
  • Print Page
  • Similar Inventory
  • Field Editors for your Details Pages
  • Unit Floorplan for your Details Pages
  • Unit Images for your Details Pages
  • Unit Info List for your Details Pages
  • Unit Location for your Details Pages
  • Unit Name for your Details Pages
  • Unit Options for your Details Pages
  • Unit Prices for your Details Pages
  • Unit Specs for your Details Pages
  • Unit Videos for your Details Pages
  • Watch Unit Button for your Details Pages
  • Plus many more...

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