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Great Value


Low Monthly Fee
$3,950 Locks you into this low monthly price.  Your payment includes our one-time $895 software license fee. Your card on file will be invoiced monthly.  No setup fee.  No renewals.  No contract.

This choice allows you to commence service at an affordable monthly rate.  Everything is included.  No hidden fees!

Best Value


Lowest Monthly Fee!
$7,140.00 LOCKS you into this low monthly price. No setup fee.  No renewals. No contracts.  No hidden costs.

This plan offers a one time lock in fee.  Your monthly fee is highly discounted.  This includes all our products and your monthly fee is locked in at $99 for the life of service. 

All packages include all the features of our platform, and always will!

Platinum website plan, unmatched service. Three ways to pay!

Full Website, Inventory, Marketing and Lead Management Software for RV & Marine Dealerships
We don't have any competition to worry about.  Others may think they are, but can't even come close!


We're a development company. We do everything in-house.  We never subcontract anything out so we keep dollars in your pocket.

When you're a website client of UVS, you don't just get our cutting edge software, you get all the features and tools we continually build... for FREE! We never stop innovating or improving, because our platform is built by us, not an overseas contractor.

Never any hidden fees or up-charges.

ALL clients receive our Premium Service Package. In addition, as a client of UVS, you'll also have our UVSAdmin app, which lets you take photos right from your mobile phone or tablet into your website. You'll also get unlimited users for UVSLive, our real-time streaming app, letting you remotely walk a customer through a vehicle from your phone!
Quality above the competition
Our clients boast some of the highest search engine rankings possible. Our lead tools make contact management simpler and fast. Everything we make is designed to get customers to find you.

Powerful and easy management, built with you in mind.



Standard Monthly Fee
$1,390 covers your first month of service and one-time $895 software license fee. Your card on file will be invoiced monthly.  No setup fee.  No contract.  No renewals.

This choice allows you to commence service with no front money, at an affordable monthly rate.  Everything is included.  No hidden fees!

Ready to make the switch?

Pick from one of our three monthly payment plans and submit your payment. No hidden charges!

You'll immediately go onto our development schedule. Within the first 24 hours, your UVS console and front end are delivered and ready to go! Next, we'll plan your site together. Think about color, layout, and design inspiration. It's your site, so you call the shots. With our exclusive Grid Build platform, anything can be changed or updated on the fly, even after you're live! You'll receive a development URL to get started on designs with.

When your new site is ready, we'll redirect your domain and get your emails routed.  Once live, we'll redirect all your pages so your website and rankings won't skip a beat!  We do it all to ensure that your transition is seamless.

Depending on the plan you've selected, normal billing begins, and posts the first week of every calendar month thereafter. Your monthly payment is for that month of service. No billing surprises ever!  No contracts!  No hidden fees!

So what are you waiting for?  Boost your business today!

Who do we service....

UVS currently services over 280 Dealership roof tops across the US and Canada.  Combined we are larger and stronger than any RV Dealer Network in our Industry.  We still service the very same dealers we started servicing in 1999.  That says a bunch.  We don't have a sales team.  Our business comes through referrals.  You found isn't it time that your pin is on our map?

Current UVS NEWS!

This is our Proactive Popup Form!

We started servicing our Industry back in 1999!  We've seen many providers come and go and we are still here!  We don't see them as competition.  Big difference.  They are providers, we are developers.  They pay subcontractors to do what we do in house.
Everything you see on our site is always included with our service.  No surprises ever.

To celebrate our 15th Anniversary, we've rolled back pricing and now offer a Lock In Option. When you pay a one time fee it locks in your discounted monthly pricing for the life of service.  Our customers are loyal and we are servicing the same dealers we did back in 1999!  Our way of saying thank you for all these years!

This is our Proactive Popup Form.  It caught your attention!  All clients have this very same form on their sites and can customize it at will with seasonal ads, content, forms or a message just like this.  One of the many cutting edge tools we offer and continue to include!

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